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Beekeeping is an ancient art that goes as far back as history can take us. The ancients understood the importance of the honey bee, the oldest known civilizations worked with these sacred beings and depicted them in ancient art and scripture. The honey bee was honored for its role in pollination and the bee guardians would harvest the highly medicinal bee products such as wax, honey, propolis and pollen.

  Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and without them 1/3 of our worlds food supply would vanish. Bees are responsible for pollinating most fruits, vegetables and nuts. Currently in agriculture Honeybees are in such demand for pollination they are loaded up onto the backs of large trucks and hauled across the country to meet pollination needs. This is not a sustainable way to pollinate our food supply.

  They are sensitive creatures that are indicators of our overall environmental health, this is disturbing as the Honey bee populations have been devastated in recent years. Commercial beekeepers are loosing as much as 80% of colonies each year. the worlds wild bee populations have declined by about 90%. The united nations environmental program issued a report last year stating that “tens of thousands of plant species could be lost in coming years if conservation efforts are not stepped up”

Fortunately as awareness rises about the honey bee there has been a movement of backyard bee keepers using natural organic techniques to take care of them, this has proven to be very beneficial to the honey bees, the gardens and the bee keepers themselves. One hive at a time we are making the difference to turn this crisis around and to remember what our ancestors knew about the balance and interconnectedness  of all natural living systems.

                          Bee The Change