“soldiers solve the bee mystery”???

There has been quite the controversy over Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk and his team of USA soldiers “solving the bee mystery” as deceptively printed in the New York Times. First of all claiming that finding a viral/fungal combination in hives as the cause of CCD is ludicrous, while yes the true research in finding out possible causes of CCD is very important that should not be used and manipulated the way it was. Thank you Natural News for printing the article (following) on His funding from Bayer(a company that produces pesticides linked to CDD), his Bee alert technology that was developed with the military that will gain massive profits off scanning bee hives for “viruses”. My question is why are we not looking at the obvious of this “mystery” such as the toxic spraying in our environment, the malnutrition of the bees, the feeding of bacteria and viruses from all the sugar placed into the colonies the list goes on. please read the article from natural news for more info: http://www.naturalnews.com/030027_colony_collapse_disorder_Bayer.html

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