USDA CCD Progress Report

Attached is the full copy of the USDA progress report that was published in June 2010. The report indicated that there are multiple factors that are contributing to the Honey Bee die offs.  They fully address the pesticides residue having devastating effects, the malnutrition of the Honey bees and stresses from pollination traveling. There are increases in pathogens found in the hives suffering from CCD and as I have stated in previous blogs the combination of Stressed, starving and poisoned bees with viruses and bacteria is not a good combination. They need to have their immune systems strong, eating nutrient rich food and not be stressed out, if this is the case they can handle exposure to pathogens and be fine. The reason there is an increase in pathogens found in CCD effected areas is that the Colonies suffering are weakened from all the stresses thus creating a perfect environment for pathogens to flourish. here is the report really worth a read:

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