Money Bomb March

Project:  S A V E   T H E   B E E S

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth,
man would have no more than four years to live” A. Einstein

March is money bomb month for the Queens Bees Project. A grassroots project aimed at raising awareness about the current global bee crisis and increasing the bee populations to ensure food security in our region.

Did you know that 1/3 of our worlds food supply depends on the Bees for pollination? In recent years the honeybee populations have been declining in concerning numbers.

We are changing that through our food security pollination program by setting up beehives on local farms to ensure adequate pollination.

With spring just around the corner we need to raise money for Beehives, Equipment and Essential oil supplies. The money raised will support a local essential oil supplier, a local wood worker and a local bee supply store.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.

You can also Sponsor a hive yourself with an annual donation. This will cover all the costs for setting up and maintaining a hive on a local farm. You will receive photos of your hive, a bio of the farm you are helping to increase food production on and mention / promotion on our website.

To make a donation send cheque, cash or money orders to:

The Queens Bees Project
P.O. Box 203
Winlaw, B.C., V0G-2J0                                                                                   

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2 Responses to Money Bomb March

  1. Anthony Hill says:

    Souinds good, but how does supporting a local essential oil supplier, a local wood worker and a local bee supply store help things? The last item I can understand but I would like more details about this.

    • Hi Anthony, Thanks for your comment and asking about supporting our local economy. What I mean by that statement is that instead of ordering bee hives made in China from the states or other large suppliers I am paying a local wood worker to build it. Instead of ordering equipment from large suppliers I am ordering from a local Bee supply store that just opened in our area and Instead of ordering large supplies of hydrosols from overseas I am purchasing them from a local distiller in the Slocan Valley. The herbs distilled are actually grown here by local farmers (this increases the medicinal value for the bees and guarantees quality of the oils) We also need to support our farmers growing these types of plants for our local wild and kept bees health. Part of The Queens Bees Project philosophy is to support local / sustainable community businesses. Also to increase the amount of essential pollen and nectar producing food sources in our region. By supporting local I can achieve both of these 🙂

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