Plants & Pollinators Workshop





Hello Gardeners & Friends of Gardeners!

Helen Sebelius, from Against the Wind Nursery & Gardens, will team up with Christina Yahn, from Queen’s Bees Project, to offer a spring workshop on Plants & Pollinators – Thursday, March 7th @ 6:30pm, Slocan Park Hall.  $20.00 each, or sign up with a friend for $35.00.
Gardens are increasingly recognized as important habitats where insects can find sources of nectar and pollen.  Plant fertilization, the production of seeds and fruit, and  biodiversity can be enhanced by introducing plants into your garden that are pleasing and useful to both people and insects. Sebelius’ gardening practices and observations, combined with Yahn’s knowledge of honeybees will paint a colourful picture of the intimate relationship between plants, people and pollinators.

To register please call the Slocan Valley Recreation office @ 250.226.0008.

Helen Sebelius, Against the Wind Nursery & Gardens, Winlaw

Christina Yahn, Executive Director, Queens Bees Project, Winlaw

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2 Responses to Plants & Pollinators Workshop

  1. Renata says:

    Great presentation last night! We are more excited than ever to get going with bees this year!!! buzzzzzzz

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