The Queens Bees Project is a grass root project aimed at increasing the Honey Bee populations thorough natural products, Bee Hive services and through public education and awareness. The Queens Bees Project was founded in the spring of 2010 with the intention of saving our Honey Bees. We have been developing natural essential oil based products for the health of the hives.

The Queens Bees Project Philosophy

Founding The Queens Bees Project in the spring of 2010 was the beginning of one of the most wonderful projects I have ever taken on. It was my time spent over the last ten years on small scale, diverse and organic farms that seeded my desire to bring awareness to the beauty and functionality of growing our own food. To know that we can feed ourselves and our families with healthy produce grown in a local sustainable system, acknowledging the vital role of the Bee and using a natural approach to the environment.


As my connection with the mystical bee grew they opened my eyes to the real world around me. How everything in nature interacts. These interactions seem so subtle most of us go through life rarely tuning into them, the connected harmonizing of everything around us and not excluding us.


I realized that as I grew up in a dense urban setting it was uncommon to connect with the food I was eating. I was lucky my Grandmothers grew small gardens where I could actually feel the earth and harvest the edible gifts; this unfortunately was quite rare where I grew up. All of the suburban yards had grass that was frowned upon by the entire neighborhood if it were to gain any length, Chemicals were used to keep it more green (often giving the neighborhood kids rashes!). A few new trees planted for “landscaping” and the occasional ornamental garden. Looking back now its surreal to me that none of these yards had berry bushes or fruit trees…herb gardens or veggie gardens. If each of the suburban communities even had one communal garden or greenhouse it would have provided nutritious produce for the entire neighborhood!

I have been getting more involved in the urban beekeeping movement with the expanding concepts of greening up the cities. Edible landscaping projects, community gardens, rooftop and vertical food production, permaculture ect. There are endless possibilities for creating food security and sustainability in all communities. Bees are not only beneficial to this movement but they are required for any garden to flourish. There is a new way and really its not “new” at all it’s a remembrance of who we really are and how we are meant to live on this Earth. As we tune into this remembrance those subtle natural interactions become obvious and we see our world as one living organism.


The philosophy of The Queens Bees Project is to nurture this process by creating ways our communities can access local food production. By supporting our local farms with increasing pollination we believe we will ensure a future for this region and create a model for any region of sustainable living.


Our goal is to show how natural techniques applied to working with nature can harmonize us with it instead of trying to manipulate and control it. We have successfully been keeping bees for three seasons now encouraging their natural processes such as swarming to increase our genetic diversity, prepare for winter with a genetic memory, supporting healthy immune systems with natural essential oils and feeding only their natural food source.


Along with supporting our farmers we believe in supporting our local economy and conscious companies. We are proud to say that all of our money raised is put back into our local economy.


We also strongly believe in increasing food sources for all of our native pollinators such as butterflies, humming birds, wild and honey bees. With only using essential oils and hydrosols grown and distilled in our area we are planting more medicinal pollen and nectar producing plants for these delicate beings to benefit from.