Gardening In The Koots

Big Thank you to Joel Russ for the write up in the Gardening in the Kootenays website. Joel is also a passionate gardener and shares a love of bees. He did a fantastic article and I appreciate all that was said. You can view this article and many other excellent garden related posts here:

Bees are the buzz at council tonight

Here are the media links to the presentation I did at the City of Nelson committee of the whole meeting on Monday, June 27 2011. I created a beautifully visual powerpoint presentation showcasing the global Urban Honey Bee movement and how that could benefit our own city. The presentation was well received…however 8 months later and the bureaucratic process is still stalling amendment. Its a good thing I don’t give up easily 🙂

EcoCentric with John Alton – Kootenay Coop Radio

I was honored to be invited by My favorite local radio host to be interviewed on his show! download the Mp3 of this show here:

Also check out his site to listen to more conscious radio interviews he has hosted here:


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