Hand Crafted Top Bar Honey Bee Hives

The Kootenay constructed Top Bar Honey Bee Hives are a natural design with Bees health and comfort in mind. These Hives are created by Roland Werner, fine wood worker and Founder of White Pines Dojo :

The Design incorporates the Golden Mean ratio, a natural geometric mathematical spiral used in many ancient architectural design. The design was inspired by a year of using the golden mean hive developed by a group of beekeepers in Colorado:

We like the basic design of this hive and adjusted it to be more assessable for the bee keeper and less invasive for the bees.

The double viewing window is a nice feature for seeing more of what is going on in the hive especially for when two people are working. You can see the comb attachments on both sides for easier detachment.

This hive has a screened bottom board for mite control and a sliding removable bottom board for cleaning convenience.

The wood is thicker for more durability and insulation during cold winter months. The base of the hive helps to keep it more level for encouraging straight comb building and keep the hive safe off the ground.

The roof of the hive protects from weathering and there is a cover board included.

The handcrafted Honey Bee Hives can be custom made and are all unique. For inquiries or to place a custom order Contact: